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mind gap

More and more young children are being diagnosed with learning challenges such as ADD and ADHD. ADD/ADHD makes it difficult for these children to inhibit their spontaneous responses, which can involve everything from movement to speech to attentiveness.

Children with ADD/ADHD will often find it very difficult to cope in a large conventional classroom environment. These children often end up displaying harmful (academically speaking) social behaviour by either withdrawing (remaining unengaged) or displaying disrupting behaviour in the classroom environment. It is important to understand that it is often these social behavioural challenges that create the barriers to learning. If these children are not effectively guided and taught how to manage and/or cope with their unique social challenges from an early age it will lead to serious gaps in their academic knowledge and thus hinder their academic potential.

Therefore, one of the first critical steps in ensuring that a child with ADD/ADHD can learn effectively at school is to teach them how to manage and navigate their unique social challenges in the classroom environment. That is why at Vrede Academy they have an on-site (school employed) qualified Social Worker who guide (counsel) and assist the children with managing the social aspects involved in the classroom so that they can effectively cope with the academic part of school life. This approach, coupled with a small classrooms environment, greatly increases the chances of a child who struggles with ADD/ADHD to achieve their academic potential.

If you suspect your child has ADD/ADHD or has been diagnosed with this learning challenge you might want to consider Vrede Academy as an option to ensure that your child receives the right guidance and support they need to reach their academic potential.

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