Introduction to Vrede Academy

Vrede Academy

Vrede Academy offers specialised education to PRIMARY SCHOOL students (grade R – 7) and HIGH SCHOOL students (Grade 8 – 9). We follow the CAPS curriculum as set out by the Department of Education.

We are an inclusive Christian school for mainstream children and children with specific learning needs, be it language, communication, and social pragmatic difficulties or those associated with ADHD and specific learning challenges.  It is also the ideal school for children who simply learn better in a small classroom environment which provides individual attention.

Our aim is to enable every student to flourish by encouraging and building upon their unique strengths and interests. Students are supported to develop and deploy strategies that overcome and cope with their challenges.

At Vrede, students have access to a team of skilled teachers who work together to ensure each child reaches their potential. Families are offered the support and advice they need to feel confident and informed about their students’ needs and future prospects.

Vrede Academy is a division of False Bay High School. For more information please contact our offices or follow us on Facebook.

False Bay High School is registered with the Department of Education and accredited by UMALUSI’s Council of Quality Assurance.